We aim to help

Ma Sharda School of Music is the most reputed Institution in East Africa offering organized courses in traditional Indian Classical music, Folk music & Rabindra Sangeet. We have put up numerous concerts and other cultural events in its ceaseless efforts at fundraising for deserving charities in Africa & India.

In Africa

  • Education For Poor Childen

    The Nandi Hills district of Kenya is poverty ridden and most parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Ma Sharda launched a drive to create education facilities for destitute children in this region. Ma Sharda collected funds through musical programs which were donated to Tatwa Omahe Society, Nandi Hills, Kenya to make free education available to poor children in the area.

  • Orphanage and Workshops for Sustainable Development

    Nairobi is seriously plagued by the problem of street children abandoned by single mothers who can not provide for their upkeep. Realising the gravity of this problem, Ma Sharda got together with a Japanese NGO "Save the Children Fund" and launched a charity drive to collect enough to build a novel orphanage called 'Matumaini Childrens Home' in Ongata Rongai near Nairobi complete with workshops which would enable the orphan children to produce handicrafts generating revenue for the orphanage.

  • Caring for the Terminally Ill

    AIDS and cancer patients who cannot afford expensive hospitals come to Nairobi Hospice a voluntary organization. Ma Sharda has over the past 5 years tried to help in "adding life in their days...not just days in their life". Each year Ma Sharda organizes several charity drives to collect funds for the Hospice. It also organizes Christmas parties for the patients and collects old clothes & toys for children.

  • Sustainable Development Projects for Women

    While the whole world is today discussing sustainable development, Ma Sharda had already started acting on this as early as 1995 when in conjunction with the Indian High Commission in Nairobi and "Women for Sustainable Development" an NGO, Ma Sharda was involved in the development of crops in the arrid regions of Kenya. Ma Sharda provided funds & logistics support for these projects.

In India

  • Calcutta Hawkers Medical Facilities

    Ma Sharda sent a troupe to Calcutta to perform African traditional music and dances and the collections from the shows was used to buy an ambulance and provide medical facilities for hawkers in Calcutta's business district.

  • Childrens Talent Search Centre

    Ma Sharda has collaborated with a Calcutta based organization in setting up a unique talent search centre in Calcutta called 'ANNESHA' where all children are initially exposed to art, music dance, drama, poetry and all indoor and outdoor sports to discover what each child is good at and likes to do. They are then forwarded to the respective institutions for focussed attention and development of their latent talents.

  • Cancer Research

    Ma Sharda has been involved in raising funds for Cancer research for Tata Cancer Research Centre, Bombay.