Hindi Patriotic Songs

The spirit of India and indeed, every sovereign nation thrives on patriotism. Today's world has seen many families emigrating in search of greener pastures, yet the longing for their home country follows them wherever they go. Patriotic songs enhance each individual's identity, reminding them of their roots and setting off nostalgic chords of the heart.

These songs aim at bringing together not only Indians, but the entire global population to join in and celebrate truth, justice and freedom. The central focus of this album is to celebrate the spirit of independence and peace throughout the world.

This album highlights the need for unity in diversity, perseverance when faced with adversity, and compassion in the face of malice. To each individual the thought of their home country brings moist eyes, fond memories and above all the warmth of love. The songs on this CD have been carefully chosen to bring forth and spread throughout the world, this warmth of love and universal peace and harmony. The main singers Rajasree & Shromona are supported by Partho and a band of musicians playing traditional Indian instruments ably conducted by Debashish Saha.

Rajasree Mukherjee: A double graduate in Indian Classical & Traditional Music, Rajasree has been living in East Africa for the past 15 years and apart from regular singing concerts in Kenya, Tanzania, Canada, USA and India, she is a leading teacher of Indian Classical & Traditional music, a Music Therapist and has conducted several workshops on music over TV & Radio. She has three times received the Government of India grant for promotion of culture.

Shromona Mukherjee: Grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and is presently, a final year Master's student majoring in Psychology at Frostburg State University, Maryland, USA. She topped the Sangeet Visharad graduation exams in Indian Music in 2001 - 02 held in India. She has performed in numerous concerts in Kenya, Tanzania, USA & India.

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Song List

  1. Roop Nilayam
    Play Time: (3:20)
    Singer: Rajasree & Shromona
    Writer: Dilip Roy
    Composer: Dilip Roy

    Description: This song, written in Sanskrit, the mother of all languages, describes India as the land of unsurpassed beauty, abounding in Nature's Grace.

  2. Sangachhadhang
    Play Time: (3:55)
    Singer: Rajasree & Shromona
    Writer: Vedic Hymn
    Composer: Traditional

    Description: This Sanskrit hymn taken from the 3000 years old Rig Veda calls upon all mankind to unite as one, walk together and speak in a single voice as all our souls are but manifestations of One Divine Creator.

  3. Majhi Nav Badha Re
    Play Time: (4:21)
    Singer: Rajasree Mukherjee
    Writer: Udayan Mukherjee
    Composer: Traditional Folk

    Description: A song exhorting man to rest his faith in the Divine and continue to fight against adversity and deliverance is certain just as the Majhi or boatman's wins his struggle against stormy seas.

  4. Insaaf Kee Dagar Pe
    Play Time: (3:43)
    Singer: Rajasree, Shromona & Partho Saha
    Writer: Shakeel Badayuni
    Composer: Naushad

    Description: A call to the youth to follow the path of truth and justice for all which would shape the destiny of emergent India.

  5. Hum Laye Hain Toofan Se
    Play Time: (6:09)
    Singer: Rajasree Mukherjee
    Writer: Pradeep
    Composer: Hemant Kumar

    Description: A song reminiscent of the Indian freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi asking the youth to be vigilant in preserving the independence and to play an active role in shaping India's destiny.

  6. Kar Chaley Hum Fidah
    Play Time: (6:28)
    Singer: Shromona Mukherjee
    Writer: Kaifi Azmi
    Composer: Madan Mohan

    Description: An ode to the fallen war heroes who helped protect India's borders against foreign aggression, laying down their lives for their motherland.

  7. Aye Mere Pyare Watan
    Play Time: (5:41)
    Singer: Rajasree Mukherjee
    Writer: Prem Dhawan
    Composer: Salil Chowdhury

    Description: For all those who are far away from their motherland, a song of sweet remembrance of the urge to go back home.

  8. Saare Jahan Se Achha
    Play Time: (6:23)
    Singer: Rajasree, Shromona & Partho Saha
    Writer: Dr. Iqbal
    Composer: Ravi Shankar

    Description: An immortal song written during India's freedom struggle to glorify Indian values including the virtue of acceptance and coexistence between masses of different cultures, religions and languages.

Album Info

  • Producer Udayan Mukherjee
  • Record Label Shubhayan Entertainment
  • Production & Manufacturing Shubhayan IT & Corporate Services
  • UCC 1 82447 00098 7 | View One-Sheet
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  • Description Shubhayan Entertainment is looking for companies or individuals who want to license the music contained in the albums. The music has been licensed to doctors, meditation and yoga teachers, and for commercials, etcetera. Please contact us to discuss the different opportunities for licensing or private labeling the albums for your business or practice. We can also create music that is custom made to fit your needs.

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